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Richly Rooted is a lifestyle blog founded in 2011 to help homemakers simplify their homes and routines, live intentionally, pursue natural living, and bloom wherever they’re planted!

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Welcome! I’m Elsie!

My blog explores what it means to live deeply in the everyday aspects of homemaking. I’ve been pouring my heart into it for over a decade, and it reflects all the stages and changes I’ve been through–living as a newlywed in Michigan, moving to a tiny cabin in Alabama and having our first baby, then putting down roots in the suburbs and adding more kids to our family! Over the years I’ve written on natural living, decluttering, and building a home with the people you love. I hope you will be encouraged and inspired as you read these posts!

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Your Simple Home Handbook is a step-by-step decluttering guide that will give you the breathing room you’ve been craving for your home.

Lost Arts

This series explores habits that are becoming something of a “lost art” in our modern-day, often hectic lives. Read these posts to get inspiration for slow living and old-fashioned habits.