Giraffes and Barn Dancing {Blessings from the Source}


I got to do two out-of-the-ordinary things this weekend that made me very happy. On Friday, I got to see the fellow in this picture during our class field trip to the zoo. He is politely asking for a piece of lettuce, which one of my students is about to provide. Isn’t he adorable?!

The other awesome weekend happening was a good old-fashioned barn dance out in the country, in which I stripped a willow, did a patty-cake polka, and danced down the Grand Rapids in my bare feet. In a children’s book that needs to be written, it’s the giraffe that’s doing all those things(:

Here’s our supper menu for the week:

Sunday: Pizza, tropical smoothies (I’m thinking kefir, mangos, bananas…)
Monday: Sesame chicken, rice, salad
Tuesday: Breakfast supper
Wednesday: Date night
Thursday: Beans and rice
Friday: Tuna pasta salad, fresh fruit
Saturday: Paninis, tomato and cucumber salad

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