My Minimalist Makeup Routine

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It's amazing how much time you can save in the morning with a simplified makeup routine! This minimalist makeup routine takes just 5 minutes.

This post is part of the Monday series on simplifying that inspired my book, Your Simple Home Handbook. The series began with 10 Reasons to Start Simplifying Now.

Yesterday I told you why I think it’s a great idea to simplify your makeup drawer. Once you trim down your makeup stash, your routine will be simpler, too. It’s amazing how much time you’ll save in the morning!

Since I’m trying to avoid harmful ingredients in my skincare products, most makeup is “off-limits” for me anyway. That makes my life simpler. I’ve found a few products that I’m happy with, and I stick with those.

I decided to simplify my makeup routine by forgoing eye liner, lip liner, concealer, bronzer, and primer.

I’m also not a big colour person for most makeup. Once I found good shades of foundation and blush, I stopped looking. Eye shadow has never been my thing. I do, however, keep a mini rainbow of Burt’s Bees lip tints to match with what I’m wearing.

So here’s my makeup routine, which takes just 5 minutes flat.

Minutes 1-2: Brush Everyday Minerals foundation over my face
Minute 3: Dust on mineral blush
Minute 4: Apply Organic Wear mascara
Minute 5: Choose a lip colour; put everything else back

What do I love about this routine?

  • It’s super-quick; no one waits on me to get into the bathroom
  • I can be ready to go anywhere on the double
  • Just a few products means it’s really cheap!
  • Packing for a trip is a breeze

What’s your makeup routine?

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    1. I find a simple make up routine is easiest for me also. I am 65 years old and am very fortunate not to have to wear foundation. I am blessed with very good skin at my age. I guess taking care of the face in younger years is worth all the trouble. I wear a touch of concealer around a few red spots, a bit of neutral eye shadow, blush, mascara and a light application of lipstick matching my blush and I’m ready for the day. Simple and easy!

    1. I found EM a few years ago and my skin has never looked better; it is the only foundation/powder that I’ll use now!! And I can’t believe how little you need to get amazing coverage! 🙂

  1. I am moving toward a minimalist lifestyle and would like to minimize my own make up routine. I am 43 and under a great deal of stress right now and I feel that make up is necessary for me, but I still want to pare down. Could I use your 5 step routine for myself? Foundation (I haven’t tried a mineral foundation…yet), blush, mascara, lip color sounds SO good to me! I’d be skipping powder, eyeliner, and eye shadow!

    1. For sure! I love how this routine is simple enough that I can keep up with it every day. I don’t leave the house much because I work at home and my husband drives our one car to work. But I feel like makeup is necessary for me, too. It makes me feel put together and ready for anything that comes along that day. And I like to look nice for my husband(:

  2. Do you have a link for your foundation? I’m looking for an inexpensive powder foundation that covers well.

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