Busyness is Not a Sin

Busyness is Not a Sin - RichlyRooted.com

Dear Busy People Everywhere,

Being busy is not a sin. 

So if you’ve been too busy to do the dishes lately, make doctors’ appointments, or call your friends (sorry, friends!), you can at least take a sec to breathe on that account.

I used to think that Busyness was the eighth Deadly Sin, or at least I acted like it was. I felt guilty for always being so busy, apologetic for working such long, hard hours, and a bit out of sorts when I received my next Real Simple magazine without having finished the last. (One of many indicators of how little free time I have!)

There have been seasons of my life when I was not busy (for the record, college was not one of those times), and I loved it. In Chile, my family was collectively unbusy. Happily occupied, yes, but there was no hamster-wheel mentality. My first year of teaching felt similar. I taught, came home, watched LOST, planned my wedding, and repeated the next day. A comfortable rhythm, not a hectic one. Oh, and I had Saturdays and Sundays off. That was nice.

But this is not one of those seasons. I am busy. And this time, I’m not apologizing, just stating a fact.

This is what busy feels like! - RichlyRooted.com

Oh, I have plans to build more leisure into my schedule this summer. I want to have to time take picnics to the Lake, gather wild raspberries in the woods, and go on adventures with Peter when he comes to visit. And in August, I’m excited to remake my school-year schedule entirely.

But for now? Busy it is, and we can glorify God nonetheless.

We can praise Him when we wake up (however early), when we lie down (however late), when we sit at our computers (however long), and when we walk together (that’s when we’re most aware of praising Him!).

Right now, Eric and I are pouring our hearts into making ends meet, getting Eric through his Master’s program, and preparing for whatever God has for us for next school year. It’s hard, but we’re going to pull through. We know it with confidence, because we have gotten through every. single. hardship. that has ever come our way. Ever.

I shake my head when I realise that just last year, I cried more than I care to publicly admit about a very hard situation, which God worked out for our good. In fact, this whole year of busyness has looked a lot like God’s hand, and we still haven’t seen where everything will lead, yet!

God has been faithful to us in the past, so we know exactly what to expect for the future: more faithfulness.

God Brings Abundant Life out of Death - RichlyRooted.com

And you can expect the same.

If you are swimming in schedules, if you long for limits and the end of to-do lists, remember that God brings life–abundant life–out of death. Sink your roots in deep, and wait for it…

Easter is coming, and Aslan is on the move!


  1. Seasonal living is great, isn’t it. Seasons come and go. This morning I woke up and realized that in the next 4 weeks we will finish out our homeschool year, celebrate Easter (bbq at our house), participate in a drama performance and sew two early 1900’s costumes, have a dance recital, host a graduation party for my second son, have a birthday party for our 5 year old and host a family baby shower at our home for our oldest son and his wife. But then, I’ll have all summer with very few commitments.

    I’ve decided to go back to my survival technique of just thinking one or two days in advance. 😉

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