Cats Need Real Food, Too!

I check ingredient labels for myself, so why not for my cat? It’s important that Sophie eats well, too! When I got the opportunity to try out Fancy Feast® Broths as a part of a sponsored post program, I jumped at the chance!

Cats Need Real Food, Too -

Eric and I became “cat parents” this past December when we adopted a starving, homeless kitty meowing on the sidewalk outside of our apartment. Previously, we had had no intention of adopting a pet, especially not a cat. In fact, we thought Eric was allergic to cats! But his allergies didn’t flare up with Sophie at all–we think that part of the reason is due to our real food diet, which has helped many common ailments and allergies.

Sophie worked her way into our hearts very quickly, and now we can’t imagine not having her as part of the family. While our real food diets allowed us to enjoy having Sophie around without us wheezing and sneezing, we soon learned how important it is for pets to eat well, too.

Sophie sleeping -

About a month after we adopted her, Sophie nearly died from a scary flare-up of irritable bowel disease. Knowing that IBD and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) in humans can be caused–and addressed–by diet, we decided to pay closer attention to the ingredients in the cat food that we bought for Sophie.

Many cat foods on the market contain cheap fillers, grains, and meat byproducts (which may be questionably sourced). In contrast, a wild cat’s diet is made up primarily of meat–and a high-meat, minimally-processed diet is what you should strive to give your domesticated cat, too!

While we are still experimenting with various cat foods to keep Sophie in optimal health, I was excited to get the chance to try out the new Fancy Feast® Broths! Fancy Feast® Broths come in convenient pouches and serve as a complement to your cat’s normal diet. I love that the ingredient lists are short, and contain real pieces of meat, seafood, and vegetables!


Sophie sampled the Creamy Broth first. After lightly swirling the pouch to blend the ingredients, I tore it open and offered some to Sophie on my fingertip. (I’ve learned that Sophie likes to be hand-fed foods that are new to her.) She sniffed it, then licked my finger clean and asked for more! I poured the creamy broth into a ramekin and set it by her food dish to enjoy throughout the day.

I think the Creamy Broth will be one of Sophie’s favourites, since she loves tuna! The broth actually looks like something I would eat–it contains recognizable chunks of tuna and vegetables, and smells appetizing, too! Fancy Feast® Broths come in eight different varieties, which you can browse on their website. You can view a picture for each broth and see the complete list of ingredients.


I totally cracked up at this video, because Sophie is picky like the rest of her feline kind (but also dug into her Fancy Feast® Broths with gusto)!

Overall, Sophie and I were both very happy with Fancy Feast® Broths. In the future, I would like to do more research and writing on cat diets here on the blog, if y’all would be interested in that! In the meantime, let your cat enjoy some Fancy Feast® for a special treat that you can feel comfortable giving her!

Have you tried Fancy Feast® Broths? Do you think it’s important to watch ingredient labels for cats, too?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Fancy Feast®.
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  1. I would LOVE for you to write more about feeding our animals whole foods!! Thank you for this article. I will be trying the mentioned products too!!

    1. I know, it is! For our cat, we usually err on the side of caution and avoid table food. It’s easy for her to get stomach upset since she has IBS/IBD.

  2. Hi wanted to ask if anyone knows how to make a cooked diet more like canned food. I am looking to try to get the taste and texture more like canned. I have tried. Cooking many diiferent ways with a variety of flavors but can’ t get everyone to eat it.

  3. When I give my cat milk, it throws up all over the floor leaving a mess for me to clean up the next day.

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