50+ Real Food Camping Recipes {At Keeper of the Home}

You don't have to eat unhealthy food on camping trips! It's easy to plan a real food camping menu!

Summer isn’t over yet, you know. I don’t care if you’re back in school (ahem, Alabama) or living it up for two more weeks (thank you, Michigan). But summer is still going on outside, and I’m not going to post a hot soup recipe on this blog until well into September.

It isn’t right to rush the rhythm of the seasons, and when we do, we rob ourselves of abundance that could be ours.

One of the ways I love to soak in summer is by going camping! Last year we trekked across the country from Michigan to California, visiting national parks along the way. This year we were pretty busy with moving into our Alabama cabin, but when the weather cools off maybe we’ll slip away for a weekend in the mountains. Those of you in the north may have a camping trip planned for Labor Day weekend!

My rule of thumb for camping and other outings is to pack a lot of food. Although we eat some unhealthy things when we camp, like hotdogs, we also like to keep our diet pretty similar to our at-home normal. I recently posted a list of 50+ real food camping recipes over at Keeper of the Home, and I want to share that post with you today. I also included lots of ideas for making your campsite dining experience a success.

Click here to read my guest post at Keeper of the Home.

So go camping this summer. Abandon the busy ship and dive into one last weekend of slow and warm and lush and unclocked. There’ll be time enough for fresh-sharpened pencils and new sweaters come September.

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