5 Space Savers for Tiny Kitchens

Maximize space in a small kitchen with these space-saving ideas! Here are my top 5 favorite ways to save space in a small kitchen so you can stay organized–and still have room to cook!Maximize space in a small kitchen with these space-saving ideas! #SpaceSavers #TinyKitchen

Tiny kitchens need creative storage and space-saving solutions in order to function well! Our current kitchen is a little under 9 feet long, and is mostly just on one wall. (You can see pictures of our tiny cabin kitchen HERE.) Despite space constraints, we’re still perfectly able to cook up a storm in our little kitchen. However, there are a few space savers that have come in extremely handy for keeping our tools and kitchen supplies tidy and organized.

The first order of business–if you want a tiny kitchen that functions well–is to simplify and declutter your kitchen gadgets, dishes, and appliances. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have far more space to work with! If you’re not sure where to start in this regard, check out my book on simplifying your home. It contains lots of practical how-tos to help you simplify each area of your home–including the kitchen!

A guide to simplifying your entire home.

After you’ve figured out what unnecessary kitchen items you can get rid of, check out my five favorite space savers for small kitchens:

Update 2016: We are no longer living in the tiny cabin, but are now in a full-sized home! However, our kitchen is still on the small side, and we still use all of these space-saving solutions!

Save space in a small kitchen with these hacks!

5 Space-Saving Essentials for Small Kitchens

1. Anything that stacks or nests

Conserve cupboard and drawer real estate by investing in pieces that stack together. Look for baking dishes that can nest one inside the other, and stackable containers for leftovers and food storage. Even small items like nesting measuring cups make a difference!

One of my favourite and most-used wedding gifts was this set of glass nesting bowls. Since they’re simple and classic, I use them for both mixing and serving. The set includes ten different sizes, so I can use the larger bowls for mixing batters and the smaller bowls for serving condiments, melting butter, or whipping up a few eggs.

These small-space kitchen solutions will give you more room to cook, with less mess to clean!

2. Non-bulky dishware

Lightweight, thin dishes are a must for cramped kitchens! For me, the perfect solution is Corelle dishware. It’s thin so it stacks well, is very durable and break-resistant, microwave/dishwasher safe, and extremely lightweight. This is the set we have, but there are all kinds of pretty patterns to choose from. I would not be able to fit bulky dinner plates and bowls in our little kitchen, but a stack of eight Corelle plates is only about an inch high!

Organize a small kitchen with these storage solutions!

3. “Extra shelving” for kitchen cabinets

In a small kitchen, you want to look for ways to maximize your vertical space. There are lots of options to add a little extra shelving to kitchen cabinets–or even the counter top. We use a tiered organizer similar to this one for stacking our Corelle plates and saucers. Here’s a nice chrome option that would work well, and this one would work great for adding more space to the counter top.

Make your tiny kitchen feel big with these space-saving products!

4. Magnetic knife strip

This is another great way to use vertical space! Instead of cramming kitchen knives into a drawer, or taking up counter space, hang them on the wall with a magnetic knife strip. Mount the strip above the stove or high enough so that children can’t easily reach it. Our knife strip comfortably fits four knives plus a pair of kitchen shears–and that’s really all we need!

These are great ideas for tiny kitchens--no remodeling required!

5. Wall hooks and nails

We hang up whatever we can! Measuring cups hang from a nail in the window frame, mugs hang from a shelf ceiling with hooks, frying pans hang on extra-thick nails in the wall. Even our kitchen towel hangs on a hook, since we don’t have room for a towel bar.

These are some of the ways that we personally save space in our tiny kitchen, but I would love to hear what your creative storage solutions are! You can share your space-saving ideas in the comments! 

For more items I love for my kitchen, read my post on 7 Accessories to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient and Pretty.

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  1. thank you for the tour. I love your kitchen…..your wise use of your limited space spurs me on. I live in a 600 sq.ft. apartment.

  2. I’ve always had a small kitchen, too! The one I have now is larger, but in such an odd layout that I still have very limited counter and cabinet space. Nesting and stacking is a definite requirement. I haven’t used magnetic strips yet, though. Good tips!

    1. Oh, good idea to take the Corelle on picnics! Random, but by the way, your English muffin recipe looks amazing. I shared it on my Facebook page, and lots of other people thought so, too!

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