If You’re Going to Buy Disposable Diapers…Buy These!

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Little Dude goes through disposable diapers fast, and they’re not cheap. When I got the opportunity to try out  as part of a sponsored post program, I jumped at the chance!

Before Little Dude was born, we had every intention of using cloth diapers on him from birth to potty training. Fast forward four months, and the reality is that we’ve already spent a hefty chunk of cash on disposables!

We had a small stash of newborn cloth diapers which we used in the beginning, but I wasn’t super impressed with the brand. As he started to outgrow the newborn diapers, we used disposables more and more, trying out various brands.

Unfortunately, the costs added up, and we would go through packs pretty quickly. Eventually we decided that we needed to create a new monthly budget category for baby expenses…and most of that would go to diapers!

Although we plan to gradually build a stash of reusable cloth diapers, we don’t have the money up front to purchase and use cloth diapers exclusively. And even once we do have an adequate cloth diaper stash, there will always be times when we need to use disposables: for traveling, when Grandma is babysitting (she said no cloth!!), at night (he’s a heavy wetter…), or other times we need a break.

Since there are lots of disposable diapers in our future, I’m all about finding a brand that’s the best value while still being good quality. I was recently introduced to Kidgets diapers, which . I had no idea these even existed before! I was thrilled to discover that Kidgets diapers are a great value, while still offering absorbency and comfort for baby.

Here are some of the features I like about Kidgets:

  • Diapers don’t have a lot of added bulk, but are still super absorbent
  • The lining that goes next to baby’s skin is soft and cotton-like
  • The elastic has great stretch to fit comfortably–but snugly–around baby’s legs
  • Side tabs are extra wide to help the diaper stay on better (a big plus for us because Little Dude is a very wiggly baby!)
  • Diapers are well-priced and affordable

Even after we incorporate more cloth diapers into our routine, I plan to use Kidgets as our go-to brand for disposables.

If you need an inexpensive disposable diaper that delivers on absorbency and comfort, (especially for an active, wiggly baby!) I would definitely recommend Kidgets! You can find a Family Dollar store in your area .

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Family Dollar.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Elsie!! I’ve not ever though to look for diapers there. I just got their ad today and it’s $12 for the big pack, only $.14 per size 5 which is astounding! I had been buying Meijer brand as their regular price is cheaper than Target, but it was still $.20 each! I will have to give these a try 🙂

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