40 Things You Should Experience Every Summer

Your summer isn’t complete until you’ve experienced all of these summertime essentials! Put these on your summer bucket list and enjoy an intentional summer all season long.
Your summer isn't complete until you've experienced all of these summertime essentials! #IntentionalSummer #SummerBucketList

Of all the ways the world tilts, I like it best when it’s pointed toward the sun.

Summer has always been my season. It stands for freedom–freedom from school, from clothes, from schedules, from normal. When autumn arrives I’m ready to return to the arms of my cozy sweaters and comfortable schedules, but while summer lasts we play hard and try to soak up every day.

I love that summer can be equally glorious whether you spend it mostly at home or travel far and wide. Usually it’s a collection of simple little pleasures that make the season feel so abundant.

Beautiful things like summertime deserve poetry, but I lose my train of thought on lazy, hazy days like these and can only compose columns; I’m one of those common list-makers, remember? So let me “ode to summer” with a list…40 simple summer pleasures to soak up the season.

No summer is complete without these things, and although each year is different, I try to experience as many of them as I can!

The 40 Things You Should Experience Every Summer

40 Things You Should Enjoy Every Summer

1. The fireflies you catch out of the corner of your eye

2. Entering an air-conditioned house after being outside

3. Food sizzling on the grill

4. Ice cracking in your glass

5. Tan lines between your fingers and toes

making lemonade

6. Smelling cut lemons and making lemonade

7. Freezing summer fruit for the winter ahead

8. That first glimpse of the ocean

9. The smell of freshly-mown grass

10. Homemade ice cream, eaten on the porch

summer wildflowers

11. Kaleidoscopic colours everywhere you look

12. Jumping off the deep end

13. Bonfires and s’mores (I like ’em burnt!)

14. Watching dolphins break the surface

Picking wild blueberries

15. Picking berries, and juice on your fingers

16. Sleeping in

17. Cicadas in chorus

18. Fireworks and the sulfur smell that lingers

19. Callouses on your feet

Treasured volumes on a shelf

20. Big chunks of  time for reading

21. Toenail polish and sandals

22. Evening breeze

23. Racing to finish your popsicle before it melts

sunset in california

24. Witnessing the sunset……and waiting for the Green Flash

25. Drying off in the sun after swimming

26. Gathering flowers to bring indoors

27. Cool walks on the edges of the day

Feet in the creek

28. Feeling the creek wash over your feet

29. Being bored.

30. Natural highlights in your hair

31. Road trips to anywhere

fresh spearmint

32. Cutting fresh herbs

33. A shower after a day at the beach

34. Summer weddings

35. Eating popcorn inside on a rainy day

36. Spontaneous outings with your people

tent camping in the summer

37. The sound of the zipper when you crawl inside your tent

38. Buying a new dress

39. Watching afternoon storms roll in

40. Pie

strawberry pie

[question]There are about 80 million things I left off this list. What would you add? [/question]

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