A Simple Guide to Using Essential Oils in Your Beauty Routine

Essential oils aren’t just for home remedies or cleaning. Did you know that you can incorporate essential oils into your beauty routine–with great results? Here’s how to get started.

This post is sponsored by . Katelyn is a wonderful resource if you want to learn more about using essential oils to improve your health!

Essential oils aren't just for home remedies or cleaning. Did you know that you can incorporate essential oils into your skincare and beauty routine--with great results? Here's how to get started. #EssentialOils #NaturalBeautyRoutine

Smart women know that what you put on your skin doesn’t necessarily stay there. It’s true that your skin acts as a protective barrier from your environment, but it’s also extremely porous. Chemicals in your body products can enter your blood stream, tissues, and organs via absorption through the skin, or when you inhale airborne particles.

Conventional skincare and beauty products are laced with dubious ingredients, many of which are banned in other countries even while they’re still widespread in the United States. But these mainstream products boast–and often deliver–serious benefits like smooth, blemish-free, hydrated, youthful skin.

Is it possible to get those benefits without compromising your health?

It is! I’ve been using essential oils for natural cleaning for years, but I only recently started thinking about using essential oils in my beauty regimen.

I’m impressed with how versatile and powerful these natural compounds are. They pack all the punch of pricey high-end skincare ingredients, but at a much more affordable price per use.

But what I love even more is that essential oils serve me holistically. They don’t come with scary side effects or just target one specific issue. When I use them in my skincare and beauty routine, they simultaneously boost my overall wellness and health. For instance, did you know that while you use frankincense oil to fade skin discolorations, you’re bolstering your immune system at the same time?

When you’re looking to improve your beauty routine with essential oils, don’t forget to lay the foundation for beautiful skin with some old-fashioned basics. What you put on your skin is absolutely important, but you know by now that the issue at hand is more than a surface one! (;

4 Key Essential Oils for Skincare and Beauty

Many essential oils will be beneficial to your skincare and beauty routine, but the following are some of the most versatile for skin and beauty issues:


Lavender is calming, hydrating, and healing. It soothes skin irritations and inflammation like acne. It’s a great pick for dry or sensitive skin.


Melaleuca (tea tree) is antibacterial and antiviral, making it another good choice for treating acne. When you use it in skincare, it has a nice side benefit of helping to fight colds and infection!


Frankincense is very healing. It soothes wrinkles, reduces sunspots, and fades scars.


Geranium triggers your body to recycle damaged cells and regenerate them. It will also help to balance your mood!

An easy way to begin using these oils is to simply add a drop to your moisturizer or face cleanser before you apply it. If the oil dispenses too quickly, try dipping a toothpick in the bottle so you can grab just a drop.

Where to buy: You can purchase all of the oils mentioned in this post via Katelyn’s website. The most cost-effective option is to get a wholesale membership (you pay a small yearly fee to get the discounted prices).

These essential oils have great skincare benefits! Here 4 DIY skincare and beauty recipes with doTERRA essential oils.

Essential Oil Skincare Recipes

It’s not hard to whip together a few essential oil recipes and add them to your natural beauty regimen. When making homemade skincare recipes, remember that a little bit of essential oil goes a looong way! You’ll only need a few drops per batch, which makes these DIYs very affordable!

If you have sensitive skin or you haven’t tried many essential oils, always test a small area of your skin before spreading a product/mixture all over your face or body.

Honey-Lavender Facial Cleanser

This gentle face wash will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft. Lavender essential oil helps to improve your skin’s circulation and will soothe irritated skin. Honey is anti-inflammatory, so it will help to soothe acne and irritated skin, too. This cleanser isn’t super effective at removing makeup, so I prefer to use it on one of my occasional makeup-free days!

Mix a penny-sized amount of raw honey in your palm with 1 drop of lavender essential oil. Massage over face; let sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off and pat dry with a towel.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Maleleuca is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial, so it’s a one-stop shop for sanitizing your hands on the go! Aloe vera is moisturizing and is antibacterial as well.

  • 1 ounce water
  • 10 drops maleleuca essential oil
  • 1 tsp aloe vera gel

Shake all ingredients together in a small glass spray bottle.

Anti-Wrinkle Mask

The clay in this nourishing facial mask helps to draw toxins from your skin and tighten your pores. Frankincense fades scars and smoothes wrinkles. 

Put clay and essential oil in a lidded, non-metal container. Avoid metal, as it can leach into the clay. A glass jar with a plastic lid works well! Shake well. To use, use a plastic spoon to dip out clay; mix with a small amount of water to make a paste. Massage clay mixture over face and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off and pat dry with a towel.

Geranium Face Mist

Witch hazel and geranium are astringents, so they make a great toner and help to tighten pores. Geranium is also great for balancing skin (so it can be your friend if you’re too oily or too dry). Perhaps best of all, geranium stimulates cell regeneration.

  • 4 Tbsp water
  • 2 Tbsp witch hazel
  • 8-10 drops geranium essential oil

Shake ingredients together in a 4-oz glass spray bottle. To use as a toner, spray onto a cotton ball and swipe all over face after cleansing. You can also use it to spritz your face throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up.

Visit this page for more homemade body care recipes that use essential oils! If you’re not much of a DIY person and would rather buy ready-made products that include these beneficial oils (and others!) look into doTERRA’s Veráge skincare collection.

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This post is sponsored by . Katelyn is a wonderful resource if you want to learn more about using essential oils to improve your health!


  1. Apart from frankincense, geranium, lavender, and melaleuca , there are other essential oils like bergamot, sandalwood, coriander, jasmine, lemongrass, tea tree, patchouli, rose and ylang-ylang are highly recommended for smooth skin care and to improve hair growth.

  2. Essential oils works as an effective remedy to get rid of many skin problems. These oils are the best solution for daily skin care routine. I removed some warts by using tea tree oil. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lemon, Teat tree, Lavender, Cinnamon, and Wild orange can be used to make natural cleaners, air fresheners, and disinfectants. They are eco-friendly and mild to the skin. I love them for their enormous beneficial properties. BTW, patchouli is my favorite.

    Thank you for the beauty recipes 🙂

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