2017 Highlight Reel, Blog Reflections, and Reader Survey!

Each year, I take a few moments to share a personal update, highlight the top blog posts from the previous year, and share the new Reader Survey! Here’s the 2017 edition!Each year, I take a few moments to share a personal update, highlight the top blog posts from the previous year, and share the new Reader Survey! Here's the 2017 edition!

This week I hung up a new calendar on my refrigerator; now I’ll have adorable piglets to look at all year. The next day I slipped away to Starbucks for my annual session of reflection and eggnog latte sipping.

So it’s official.

The new year has begun!

Our family had another fun but quiet year in 2017. We continued to slowly furnish our house and enjoyed the blessing of family close by. We got the treat of taking a trip to my hometown of Savannah–it was my first time back in almost a decade! In our own environs, we discovered new places to walk, new wild berry patches, and new parks to play in.

Meanwhile on the blog, I did a lot of behind-the-scenes work to organise and update old posts, create a Table of Contents, and make some changes to my blog’s code.

I didn’t write as many blog posts as I wanted to, which was unfortunate. Part of the reason my writing dropped off was due to launching a second blog: Tea and Ink Society! It’s a literary blog for my bookish kindred spirits, and it’s thriving! It was challenging but fun to start with a new blog from scratch, but now that it’s launched I’m looking forward to getting back to more frequent posting at Richly Rooted.

A Few Thoughts on the Current Blogging World

I did a LOT of thinking and reflecting about the blogging world this year. As is often the case, my thoughts and feelings towards blogging/entrepreneurship vacillate between loving it and feeling energized by it, and feeling overwhelmed and like I’m not quite spending my days the way I want to.

There is a constant press and hustle in the blogging world, and it can get pretty draining for those of us who just want a simple life. If you aren’t a blogger this might not be something you can relate to, but if you are, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! (But even if you don’t blog, you might feel this pressure to “hustle” in other areas of life!)

Personally, I don’t like that blogging is constantly changing. We feel like we have to start making videos or get on Instagram or take our blogs “to the next level” (again). I long to keep things simple and similar. I just want to write, take pictures, and talk with my readers. Reading this post by Amy Lynn Andrews reminded me that I should structure my online efforts so that they fit in with how I want to spend my days.

Here are the top posts from the blog RichlyRooted.com!
On pretty days, this front porch rocker is where I do some of my best brainstorming for the blog–and life!

So, all this to say, I feel refreshed to begin this new blogging year! I want to get back to the core of what I love about blogging. And I think spending more time offline is going to make my online efforts more meaningful.

Top Posts of 2017

As part of my year-end review, I like to see which posts were the most popular from the year. Looking back over the 2017 archive, these are the blog posts that were the most read or shared!

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Reader Survey

As I plan for the year ahead, I’d love to get your feedback in a short survey! This will help me to know how to focus my efforts to best serve you. You can fill out the 6-question survey below, or by clicking right here.

Thank you for reading my blog! Thank you for your comments here and on Facebook, your emails, and for all your support (even if you’re not a commenter!). I’m honored to have you read my posts.

– Elsie


  1. I love that you keep your blog simple, without all kinds of videos and IG posts. My very favorite blogs are several that keep it simple, without loads of social media posting of every little part of their day. One of my favorite bloggers does also post a video once a week, but I love that she is very minimal with her personal social media posting… I feel like it’s extra classy to keep things simple, and have strong, interesting/inspiring/helpful content. Anyhow, all that to say… don’t change too much!

    1. Lauren, thank you for your kind words! Sometimes it is a challenge to keep things simple in the blogging world, but it’s one I’ll take!

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