Why I Love My Rice Cooker

My rice cooker is one of my all-time favourite kitchen appliances! I didn't really expect it would be, but we use it all the time!

Some of the appliances in my kitchen are literally genius inventions. The refrigerator keeps me from going down into a sawdust-filled cellar to rummage amongst the ice blocks. The oven allows me to bake quiche and salted dark caramel sticky buns.

But my rice cooker is the cotton gin of my kitchen. It’s simple but brilliant. We eat rice several times a week, and this little machine has saved me so much time that I could add it all up and read a novel. It’s definitely one of my kitchen tool champions!

Wondering if a rice cooker might make a difference in your kitchen? Join me over at The Humbled Homemaker to read about why I love my rice cooker, why you might want one for your kitchen, and some of my favourite recipes to make with it!

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