10 Reasons to Start Simplifying Now

Simplify your stuff! Here are 10 great reasons why simple living is the way to go!


Why do we let it take up so much of our money, thoughts, and space?

Maybe your closet is stuffed with clothes that make you feel boring or that scratch and itch.

Perhaps your pantry is full of food items that need to be consolidated, consumed, or thrown out.

Or maybe the cupboard below your bathroom sink is a black hole for half-empty lotion bottles.

It’s time for a purge!

Want to join me? I’m on a mission to simplify my home.

You see, I’m tired of hanging onto things for all of the old reasons: “I had it when I was little,” “It still fits me,” “I think I might start using it…”

Nope. Not listening anymore. Stuff, I’m over you.

Turns out, this whole “simplifying” thing is pretty fun! I’ve simplified on a micro-scale before, going through a box here and there, paring down bit by bit. But this time around it’s a complete overhaul. I’m going through as many areas of my home as I can think of, looking at everything with a critical eye. Some of these areas are physical, like a closet or room, others are immaterial but still tend to collect clutter, like an email inbox or the To Do list.

If you want to join me, I’ll be talking here about a different area each Monday. Here are some zones we’re going to cover:


To get excited about the project, I’ve come up with a little list of 10 reasons to start simplifying your stuff:

1. Simplifying your stuff is energizing–once you start, you’ll want to keep going.

2. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need or care about will help you have a more beautiful, peaceful home.

3. Purging loosens your grip on material possessions.

4. When you purge, material possessions lose their grip on you.

5. A simple home is prepared for the future–an easier move, a better remodel.

6. If you’re accustomed to simplicity, you can travel light.

7. With less things clamouring for attention, you enjoy the things you do keep more.

8. Less clutter means less to clean and organize.

9. Items you don’t need may be items you can sell.

10. Simplifying your life will help you define your style.

What would you add to this list? If you HAD to pick just one area of your stuff to simplify, what would it be?

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  1. I’ve been in a simplifying and organizing mood lately, myself. I have been working on my basement which was really bad. So far I have made good progress but there is still lots more progress to go. I will never be a true minimalist, but I would at least like to get my possessions down to where: 1.) they are meaningful to me or 2.) they are useful.

  2. I’m in desperate need of going through my kids’ clothes. Outgrown, too-big, boots, shoes, coats…sigh. It looks like a mountain, but I need to just buckle down and start. Today I went through our toy baskets, taking out all the choking hazards. Now that my 7-1/2 mo. old is on the move and getting into things, I need to baby proof (again!)

    1. Sometimes when I’m “simplifying” my husband says I’m being a “terror.” He is a great sport about it, though. Brings balance when I need it.

  3. I need to simplify in the worst ways. I am terrible about telling myself I need to purge but never actually doing it. I have a few bags of clothes sitting around waiting for a garage sale but the sale never happened. I HAVE to convince myself to hold a garage sale in the early summer or I will never get rid of things! I will be sure to follow this entire series with anticipation

    1. Kris, I’m so glad that you’ll be joining me in this series! Purging is like snowballing…sometimes it takes a while to get it rolling, but it will pick up mass and take you along with it before you know it!

  4. I have always been a “more is more” girl, so I have a ton of “stuff”. But we have decided that our 2600 sq.ft. home & 10 acres is just too much for us! We’re putting the house on the market, and I am purging like crazy. I actually cried over some things (I know, right?) but have reached the point that it really does feel good! Next home is going to be very different…

  5. It is such a freeing experience! Plus it leaves room for new and very possibly better “things” if you’re worried about missing things. I don’t know if any of you used to watch the tv show about decluttering your home…but the guy Peter Walsh has a website and some books. Think it might be time for me to check for em at the library. :). here is his site. http://www.peterwalshdesign.com/

  6. I am so ready to do this as well! I have started a little here and there, but we have WAY more stuff than we really need, and I am stressed trying to keep it all in the right place and clean around it. I would love to see topics on simplifying toys and simplifying in the kitchen added to your list. Thanks for the encouragement! I can’t wait to join in with you!

    1. I’m so glad you’re joining us, Nancy! Less stuff certainly equals less to clean! I will definitely do a few posts on kitchen and toy stuff.

  7. Perfect! Expecting our first baby in February and trying to make room for the little guy in our teeny tiny apartment!

    1. Congratulations! We live in an apartment, too, and probably will for a few more years. One of my reasons for simplifying is to make room for baby things one day, too!

  8. Working hard on this. I have to take breaks at times. I get very emotional selling certain items. I try to remember that I have the memories, and if it is something special from my past, I can always include that story in family history I am writing for my son.

  9. I love to keep it simple! I have no problems with most of the areas you listed. But the area I do struggle with: my craft stuff! ooh, but I can make … with that some year 😉

  10. I love simplifying! I actually have the opposite problem at times – I hate cluttering up my closet so I only have a small wardrobe, although it could use some updating! Off to read the rest of your posts.

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading! Would you say you’re more into simplifying, or minimalism? I’ve been trying to think through the finer points of those two terms, and I’m curious about your take on it!

  11. In this day and age, I need to go through and purge the apps on my devices and the files on my computers. And not only physical bookshelves, but digital ones, too. Thanks for the great list.

  12. Since school let out I have been starting to purge like crazy. This is our 10th Summer in this house. I have never lived in one place this long in my adult life. Went from having 3 kids in elementary school to two in college and the youngest will be a junior in high school starting next month. That’s a lot of stuff they transitioned through. Additionally last year two parents passed away and I was just holding onto stuff trying to hold onto the memories. My first year of mourning is almost over and I am starting to let go of things I really didn’t need to cling to. I get up every morning and work for about an hour before it gets too hot trying to see what I can clear out. I make a run to the thrift store about every 3-4 days so I don’t change my mind and take something back. I recycle what I can and give things away via a local FB page. I keep telling myself that if I can get rid of 10 things a day it will add up to 500+ things over the Summer. When I feel myself bogging down (i.e. keeping everything or putting everything in the give-away pile) I back off and tell myself to attack the pile the next day with fresh eyes. It gets easier every day.

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