Being an Early Riser Means Giving Some Things Up

Being an Early Riser Means Giving Some Things Up -

I wanted to write a post on sleep, but instead I went to bed.

I’m completely okay with that irony, because the whole point of my last two Wellness Wednesday posts have been on respecting your sleeping hours. I wrote about how to induce sleep naturally so you can enjoy more of it, and last week I shared my goal of becoming an early riser and how to do that, I need to stick to a schedule.

My intention was for today’s post to be about what happens to your body when you sleep. But instead I did a little field work and went undercover to try it for myself! I feel much better rested than I would’ve if I’d stayed up to write a blog post.

This whole early rising thing has me giving up more than blog posts. I also give up

  • Another episode of Wonderland
  • Facebook surfing
  • Staying out late
  • Extra time to get chores done
  • One more chapter of my book

In the long run, though, or even just by morning, I realise it’s a small price to pay for the expanse of a sunrise sky and quiet hours to get things done.


  1. Way to get some sleep! It is unbelievable how hard it is to stop surfing Facebook and go to sleep, even when my eyes get heavy!

    I’m excited to share a super simple, savory, and slightly sweet recipe for Cranberry Pork Loaf this week. Enjoy! (And have a merry Christmas!)

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