A Year in Review, and My Most Popular Posts of 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2013 - RichlyRooted.com

This blogging year was rich with God’s blessings! Admittedly, blogging has taken up far more of my time, creativity, and emotions than I ever thought it would, but it’s been exciting.

Remember how this blog was called Back to the Source last year? When I migrated from Blogger to WordPress, I knew I wanted a fresh look and a more focused name. The look is evolving, but so far I love where it’s gone. (That gorgeous hand-drawn header picture isn’t me, though! I have an artist sister to thank for that!)

The name Richly Rooted is one of Eric’s ideas. “Is that too much alliteration?” I questioned at first. But five minutes later I thought it was perfect.

I love the imagery that this name evokes. Our lives ARE rich. Rich and full. Physically, we are rooted in Michigan, drawing nourishment from our place and from the food this soil produces. Spiritually, we are rooted in God and we find astonishing abundance in Him.

One of my goals last year was to build community around blogging, and I have. I grew a Facebook following from 0 to almost 2,500. Pinterest, I’m loving. Yep, and I’ve even jumped on the Google Plus train. And I LOVE seeing your comments and interactions on all of those pages! Thank you for joining me there!

Two things happened this blogging year that I was not expecting. Over the summer I joined two of my best blogging friends in writing Real Food for the Real Homemaker, a manual for people who want to learn the basics of real food cooking with classic, stand-the-test-of-time recipes.

The other surprise was also this year’s biggest challenge, but ultimately it has been a testimony to the fact that God knows best, and it has provided a focus for where I’d like my blogging to go. My teaching career ended for the time being, and I began blogging and virtual assisting full time.

At its core, blogging–for me–is writing. I love to write, and I’d do it even if no one ever opened my posts in their inbox or followed my links over from social media. But you readers make this place flourish, and I am so grateful! Thank you for reading.

And now, here are my most popular posts of 2013 chosen by YOU, the readers, by your clicks, views, and shares!

cod liver oil

10. Boost Your Immunity with Cod Liver Oil

Simplifying the Bathroom

9. Simplifying the Bathroom

body polish

8. Moisturizing Honey Vanilla Body Polish

orange julius

7. Easy Orange Julius Breakfast Drink

Boost Your Immunity with Apple Cider Vinegar - RichlyRooted.com

6. Boost Your Immunity with Apple Cider Vinegar

5 Things I Learned as a Brand-New Homemaker

5. 5 Things I Learned as a Brand-New Homemaker


4. 5 Things You Can Simplify in 20 Minutes or Less

20 Ways to Induce Sleep Naturally - RichlyRooted.com

3. 20 Ways to Induce Sleep Naturally

simplify your wardrobe

2. Simplify Your Wardrobe

And the most popular post I’ve ever written is this one…


1. 10 Reasons to Start Simplifying Now

I love that my simplifying series has resonated with so many of you! I’m glad, because I have many more posts in that vein to come, as well as a book I’m dreaming up!

I’m so excited to see what this new year will bring!

I’d love to hear what unexpected things happened to you this year, what you’ve read, where you’ve been, what you learned! Pick something to share in the comments below! And happy New Year!

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