FREE Printable Autumn Produce Guide

Free Autumn Produce Guide Printables -

Eating more produce is #5 on my list of things to improve and nail down. Bringing more produce to the table fits one of my other goals, too–living, and eating, according to the rhythm of the seasons.

But to eat seasonally, it helps to know what’s being harvested in your area when!

I created this printable autumn produce guide for your reference and mine–I hope you’ll find it useful in your adventures in seasonal eating! Keep in mind that each guide is an amalgamation of many different states. For a more accurate guide of what’s in your specific area, visit

Click on a region below to pull up your printable:





Check out my Recipe Index for ways to use many of these seasonal fruits and vegetables!

Want the other seasonal produce guides? Here’s the summer produce guide and here’s the spring produce guide!


    1. Oh, that is good to know! Thanks for adding that! The blackberries in the South are long over by now, and in the Midwest they finish in late August. I’m so glad to know people are still enjoying them elsewhere in the country!

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