The Best Time of the Week to Simplify

The key to simplifying is to break it down into small segments--spend a little time here, a little there. This is my favorite time of week to simplify!

I bet more of us would simplify, more often, if we had the time.

But simplifying your whole home feels like quite the project, and if you look at it that way, you may never start! The key is to break it down into small segments–spend a little time here, a little there.

Although I’ve always liked the idea of purging, I didn’t systematically simplify everything in my home until last year. Then this past summer, before moving into our cabin in Alabama, Eric got on board, too, and we re-evaluated many areas together. Since I enjoyed the process of getting rid of stuff and making our home more breathable and intentional, simplifying was a leisure activity for me–something I did in my free time or when I wanted to relax.

Even if the thought of sorting and purging does NOT seem relaxing to you, you’ll enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and visual calm that comes with a simplified home.

I enjoyed simplifying on Sunday afternoons, because there were no scheduled activities and I already felt calm and at-ease. I think Sunday afternoons would be a great time for most people to simplify! After lunch or an afternoon nap, put on some music, pick a zone, and spend 1-2 hours (or however long you’ve got!) going through your things. Take a break midway or at the end to fix a special snack (that’s something you should do on Sunday afternoon, anyway).

One word of caution: Try your hardest to finish what you start! This is why you need to choose just one or two small, manageable areas for your session–not a whole room at once! I’ve started plenty of projects and not finished them, so this is something I need to work on.

What do your Sunday afternoons look like? Can you grab a small morsel of time each week to spend simplifying?

If it’s not Sunday, pause for a minute and consider when the best time is for you to simplify.

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Then, write down a list of 15-20 small areas that you would like to simplify. Here some ideas of what might go on your list:

Don’t simplify whole rooms at once. Focus on simplifying the contents of furniture, closets, categories of items.

Many of the posts in my Simple Living category go into more depth with practical tips and ideas for simplifying, but I bet you already know the basics: evaluate each item to see if it’s a love or a need. If it’s neither, get rid of it! Simple, oui?

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