How to Naturally Treat Jellyfish Stings, Poison Ivy, and Other Summer Ailments!

Get this list of natural home remedies for common summer ailments like bee stings, poison ivy, sunburn, and more! You can treat these issues naturally with just a few simple ingredients you already have on hand.Great list to keep on hand for naturally treating summer ailments with home remedies. (DIY remedies for wasp stings, poison ivy, and more)! #NaturalSummer #NaturalRemedies

Today I’m posting about summertime first aid over at Keeper of the Home! Here’s an excerpt:

It’s pretty much impossible to go through a summer and not come out the other end with a colorful array of scrapes, scars, burns, and bites. These things are just as much a part of the season as ice cream and paperback books. The welts on your legs from jellyfish stings mark the long days you spent at the beach; the rash crawling up your arm is the badge you earned picking fresh berries.

But while these injuries and ailments blend into the fabric of a fully-lived, deeply-felt summer come September, in the moment they’re not too pleasant!

Build your natural first aid arsenal now, and when someone in your family has a need you’ll be ready with the remedy.

Here are some common summer ailments, with DIY remedies and tips for treating each one naturally.

Head over to Keeper of the Home to finish reading this post and get the list!

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