Two Reasons to Wear Amber Jewelry

Amber is a fossilized resin often made into unique, gorgeous jewelry like the pieces from Spark of Amber. It’s also said to have have calming, soothing properties as well. Here’s my review! This post is sponsored by Spark of Amber. All opinions are 100% my own!I love Baltic amber jewelry! The colours are gorgeous, and it's said to have calming, soothing properties as well. #AmberJewelry #TeethingRemedies

Little Dude and I recently had the opportunity to try out jewelry from . Spark of Amber sells authentic Baltic amber jewelry, which I’ve heard about around the blogosphere and been curious to try!

Although there are lots of things to love about this jewelry, I want to highlight my top two reasons for wearing Baltic amber jewelry.

Reason #1: Quality and Style

Simplifying my home changed my perspective on the things I own and the way I spend money. I’ve put thought into what I keep, and I’m learning to prioritize quality over quantity.

As far as jewelry goes, I’d rather wear quality pieces made of natural, authentic materials. I still own some fashion jewelry, but I love the real deal most, and these higher quality items won’t chip or break or look cheap the way their faux counterparts do.

The jewelry from Spark of Amber is made with authentic Baltic amber and other gemstones. I own , strung with Baltic amber, black tourmaline, and lepidolite beads. I love the look and feel of the necklace. At 17 inches, it’s the perfect length, and the string is knotted between each bead for durability.

Despite the mixture of colours in the necklace, I’ve found it to be surprisingly versatile, too! I like wearing it with a black top best, but it also goes well with some orange, brown, and maroon items I own.

Necklaces from Spark of Amber

Although all of the gemstones from Spark of Amber are unique and beautiful, I love the amber the best. The colours are gorgeous! Because amber is an organic, non man-made material, each piece is unique, and the colours in Spark of Amber’s selection range from butter yellow to fiery deep orange.

As beautiful as the jewelry is from Spark of Amber, there’s another very interesting reason to add Baltic amber to your jewelry box…

Teething necklace from Spark of Amber

Reason #2: Traditional Health Claims

Baltic amber has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, and has a place in folk medicine as a natural analgesic (pain reliever). It’s said to have calming properties and help relieve inflammation, so Baltic amber jewelry is often worn to soothe arthritis or help relieve pain for teething babies.

The pain-relieving properties come from succinic acid contained in the amber, and of all the varieties of amber, Baltic amber contains the most concentrated amounts. Body heat gently warms the amber to release the succinic acid, so for calming benefits the jewelry should be worn next to the skin.

Little Dude with Amber Teething Necklace -

Spark of Amber sent me an amber and turquoise teething necklace (the ) for Little Dude to try. It looks adorable on him, but I was also curious to see if it would help soothe him. At five months, I suspect that some of his fussiness is related to teething.

For a couple of weeks, I tested the necklace with him wearing it all day some days (except during naptimes) and not at all on others. And yes, he did seem less fussy on the days he wore the necklace.

As I know there are many things that can factor in to whether or not a baby is fussy! But I do find it interesting that he is more content on the days he wears it, and I’ll continue to test it out with him. I’d also wondered if he’d be bothered by something around his neck, but he doesn’t notice it at all, and hasn’t tried to pull it.

Adults can also try the benefits of Baltic amber by wearing jewelry during a headache, menstrual cramps, or any time you want to get an edge over aches and pains.

This post is sponsored by . All opinions are 100% my own! The information in this post is not intended as medical advice, and is for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. I want the baby teether in “the midnight” I’ve got a little girl and I think jt would look adorable on her!

  2. I used amber for my teething triplets and I tell anyone who will listen that it’s how we survived. πŸ™‚ I also wear one myself for your #1 reason! πŸ™‚ Now I want to get my Little Dude a new necklace – I think the It’s a Boy one is suuuuuper sweet!

  3. I would love to try any of them. I just love amber. It does work wonders. I have a necklace I have been wearing for almost 6 years. I think Raw Baltic Amber and Black Tourmaline CALMING Necklace, Is a neat looking one. πŸ™‚

  4. I would love the Raw Baltic Amber and Lepidolite CALMING Necklace — THE SERENITY style 2. My 9yo ADHD son has been wearing my youngest son’s amber teething necklace but it’s a little close on his neck so I’ve been looking for something a little bit longer (but not as long as an adult necklace) and this looks like just the thing.

  5. I had a little teething bracelet for my daughter that she wore on her ankle . She outgrew it , so I began putting it on her wrist, but she pulls it off. I would love the calming necklace. She has been cutting molars , and oh, how I miss our amber.

  6. I love amber jewelry. My favorite on the Baltic amber website was the evergreen amber. The earthiness of the color just appeals to me.

  7. I’d love to have “The Forest” teething necklace for my son. Amber has worked great for his brother & we need another!

  8. I would sure love the opportunity to see if these necklaces would help calm the nerve pain in my body after 3 spinal injections., and if it evens out hormones .. that would be a bonus.β™₯

  9. I have a couple friends who have Amber necklaces for their babies and swear by it. I would love to have the “Raw Baltic Amber, Black Tourmaline, Lepidolite CALMING Necklace With HAND CARVED PEACE SIGN — THE SERENITY necklace” with the medium wood. I would like to see if it helps with pain because I tend to get a lot of shoulder pain as I age.

  10. I would like to try the Amber, Tiger’s Eye, Lepidolite Calming Bracelet “The Harmony”. I got a teething necklace for my son and it has worked wonderfully!

  11. I do like it when you said that Baltic amber is not only beautiful, it has also been used for many centuries as a natural analgesic and that it has calming properties that will help in reducing the pain and inflammation. That’s good to hear because I am aware that the person I will be giving it to has a problem with the joints. I’d be more than glad if I learned that my gift to her has done more than satiate her love for jewelry. Thank you!

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