A Day in My Life as a New Mom

Here’s a look at what a sample “day in the life” was like for me as a new mom. Early motherhood is such a sweet, fleeting season, and I will always treasure days like these!This is a day in my life as a mom to a new little boy! #NewMom #ADayintheLifeof

I’m just entering the stage of life I always looked forward to the most: motherhood. I’ve dreamed about these days for a long time, and in April of this year our son was born.

Life is so very different now, but it’s beautiful and full of simple abundance. I’ve had to learn how to hold my plans loosely, because I never know what Little Dude and the day will bring. Unpredictability is good for me, though, as I’ve held to my own agenda for a very long time!

I picked a random Tuesday to record my “day in the life.” And a deliciously rainy day it was. Nothing very exciting happened, and nothing very awful. It was the sort of quietly beautiful everyday that makes having more money or a bigger house or more work time seem very unimportant and un-eternal.

**This is an excerpt from my contributor post at Keeper of the Home. Click here to read the rest of my “day in the life.”**


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