A Ready-to-Wear Wrap for Easy Babywearing!

The Baby K’Tan carrier is my favorite wrap for newborns and infants! It’s durable, stylish, and easy to wear…with lots of different position options for babywearing. It gives good support for both parent and baby.The Baby K'Tan carrier is my favorite wrap for newborns and infants! It's durable, stylish, and easy to wear...with lots of different position options for babywearing! #BabyKTan #BabyWearing

Long before I became a mother myself, I heard many moms sing the praises of babywearing.

As my due date for Little Dude approached, I asked other moms what type of baby carrier they recommended. I was told that it’s really helpful to have two different babywearing options: a more structured carrier (like a Boba) that you can wear into toddlerhood, and a soft wrap or carrier for newborns and infants.

Although there are tons of carriers and wraps on the market, I repeatedly heard rave reviews of the Baby K’Tan to fit that newborn/infant stage. After checking out their website, I was convinced!

The main reason?

Ease of use!

Unlike some carriers with complicated wrapping techniques, the Baby K’Tan comes ready to wear. It’s simple to slip on, put baby inside, and adjust as need be–no straps or buckles to figure out! The carrier comes with instructions for multiple different wearing positions, so you can have your baby facing outward, hugged against your hip, or snuggled up to your chest.

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I also like that the Baby K’Tan is sized according to clothing, so it takes the guesswork out of what size to get. If you wear a 0-4 in dresses, you buy an extra small; 6-8, you buy a small, etc. The sizing calculator on the Baby K’Tan website will help you decide what size to buy for you or your husband.

Here are 6 reasons to love Baby K’Tan:

  • Gives you lots of touch time with your baby–they can hear your heartbeat, feel your warmth, move with you
  • Helps dad bond with baby, too!
  • Allows the wearer more freedom of movement–you can do simple chores or use both hands for a task
  • There are lots of wearing options (some positions even allow you to nurse your newborn!)
  • Made completely of soft fabric, so it stores easily and compactly
  • Very durable–you can wear a baby up to 35 lbs

If you plan to wear your newborn or infant, you should definitely consider adding the Baby K’Tan to your registry!

For more benefits of babywearing, check out this page on the Baby K’Tan website. If you want to try a wrap but the price is holding you back, Baby K’Tan offers gently-used wraps for $10 off!

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Disclosure: I received a free, gently-used carrier from Baby K’Tan in exchange for an honest review.

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