How I’m Overcoming My Biggest Homemaking Distraction

I realised I had a HUGE distraction to my homemaking, and it was time to set some serious boundaries. Here’s how I’ve gotten more intentional in fighting my distractions so I can be a better homemaker.Do you have a homemaking distraction? The internet is my biggest distraction, but here's how I'm fighting it! #Homemaking #Screentime

Distractions aren’t always bad things in and of themselves, and that’s what makes them so hard to spot.

Several times in the five years since I got married, I’ve gone through periods where I felt like I could barely keep my head above water with all the homemaking things that needed to be done.

I wondered why I never felt on top of things.

Why getting supper on the table before 8:30 was such a battle.

Why I hardly managed to get the floor vacuumed and the bathroom cleaned each week, much less do extra chores like wiping down appliances or organizing the pantry.

Although crafting routines and implementing a very simple meal-planning technique have helped me get my homemaking closer to where I want it to be, the key was discovering my biggest homemaking distraction.

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Do you have a homemaking distraction? I sure do, and here's what it is...and how I'm fighting it.

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