20 Ways to Use a Silicone Stasher Bag

I finally found a good alternative for plastic storage bags! Here’s my review of Stasher’s silicone storage bags, plus 20 different ways to use them. This post is sponsored by MightyNest. I love recommending them!

Silicone Stasher bags are the BEST natural, green, reusable alternative I've found for plastic freezer bags! I love that they're super versatile, too! #StasherBag

A new tool has found a spot in my kitchen, and it’s one I’ve been looking for ever since I began managing my own home.

I dove into natural living shortly before I got married six years ago. Reducing waste and finding reusable household goods was one of my first pursuits. We bought glass drinking straws and replaced most of our paper towels with microfiber cloths and Swedish dishcloths. We used cloth napkins, glass water bottles, and reusable shopping bags.

But one thing I could never find a good replacement for?

Zip-top plastic bags!

Since silicone was gaining popularity in the kitchenware department, I hoped someone had invented a silicone storage bag. So I Googled it. But there was no such thing…at least, not back then!

That changed in 2016 when Stasher released the first silicone food storage bag!

What are silicone Stasher bags?

Stasher bags are a durable, environment-friendly alternative to zip-top bags that you can reuse thousands of times. They have a unique pinch-press seal that keeps the bag’s contents airtight–and even keeps food juices from leaking out! Although there are other reusable sandwich and food bags on the market, the silicone bags from Stasher are the best eco-friendly storage bags I’ve come across.

This self-sealing silicone bag is the best natural alternative to plastic sandwich bags!

You can get these silicone bags online from MightyNest, a company that sources healthy products for the home. Right now, you can get a Stasher bag for $3.00 when you sign up for MightyNest’s monthly subscription service–The MightyFix! Click through this link to learn about the MightyFix and to apply the discount to your cart.

Features of the silicone Stasher Bag

Stasher bags are the reusable alternative to plastic baggies that I’ve been looking for! Here’s what makes them great:

  • Made of high-quality 100% silicone
  • Produced by a certified B-Corporation (means the company has high standards for quality, production, and environmental footprint)
  • Doesn’t leach chemicals like zip-top bags
  • Can be reused again and again
  • Durable and flexible
  • Can withstand high temperatures (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Airtight seal to avoid messes and keep food fresh
  • Non-porous surface helps inhibit bacterial growth
  • Easy to wash
  • Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe
  • Super versatile!

Silicone Stasher Bags are the BEST alternative to plastic baggies that I've found so far! They're durable and so much better for the environment.

I’m planning to add a small stash of these bags to our kitchen over time. My one disappointment is that they don’t come in larger sizes!** Currently MightyNest carries a 4.5 x 7.5-inch snack bag and a 7.5 x 7-inch bag. The larger bag fits a sandwich, but the opening is a bit small so you have to insert the sandwich at an angle (or cut it in half first). However, Stasher has plans to release a larger-sized bag, so I’ll just be patient!

**Updated 9/4/2019: MightyNest now sells a half-gallon sized Stasher bag, too! Hurray!

20 Uses for a Silicone Stasher Bag

There are tons of ways to use these nifty reusable storage bags! Here are twenty uses to get you started:

Note: It’s a good idea to push out excess air before sealing the bag. This will help prevent the bag from popping open accidentally, although this has not been a problem for me. Also, when opening the sealed bag, do not force it as this may weaken the seal over time. Just slip your finger in the corner of the seal and work it open gently. You might need to give your children a little demonstration of how to do this, since the seal is pretty tight!

Silicone bags are much more durable than plastic Zip-lock bags--and they're better for the environment!

  1. Keep leftovers fresh in the refrigerator.
  2. Pack snacks to go (the seal makes it possible to pack juicy foods like chopped fruit!).
  3. Fill with ice cubes and use as an ice pack or cold compress.
  4. Use to store nail polish and home manicure items.
  5. Fill with crayons after their cardboard box breaks down.
  6. Pack with medical supplies and use as a travel first aid kit.
  7. Cook vegetables in the microwave. (Leave bag open.)
  8. Freeze homemade sauces. (Although be warned, tomato sauce may slightly discolor the bag.)
  9. Make a warm compress: Saturate a kitchen towel in water, put inside Stasher bag and microwave with bag open until steaming hot. Wrap in a second dishtowel and use as you would a hot water bottle.
  10. Pack toiletries for traveling (great for TSA lines!).
  11. Marinate vegetables, meat, or fish in the fridge.
  12. Store individual meal portions in the fridge or freezer.
  13. Steam fresh or frozen vegetables: Seal veggies, spices, herbs, and a little water or olive oil in the bag. Put bag in a pot of boiling water for about 10 minutes. You won’t loose any of the veggies’ nutrients in the cooking water!
  14. Bring to the pool or beach to protect phones, wallets, and keys from sand and water.
  15. Make a smoothie pack: Fill with berries, peas, bananas, frozen spinach, and other superfoods. Freeze until ready to use.
  16. Keep open blocks of cheese fresh in the fridge (or half an avocado, lemon, or other partially-used produce!).
  17. Use for sous vide cooking.
  18. Carry your lunch to go (keeps sandwich bread from getting stale!).
  19. Corral small items in the freezer like chocolate, homemade candy, or leftover nuts and seeds.
  20. Organise the inside of your purse (great for keeping makeup contained and preventing messes!).

To wash the bag, place upside down in the top rack of the dishwasher. You can also hand wash it. Dry completely by placing bag over a cup or mug, or wipe it out with a cloth napkin if you just can’t wait!

Get a Stasher Bag for $3.00!

MightyNest is dedicated to sourcing the best healthy products for your home, and they’ve created a fun way for you to incorporate them into your life! When you sign up for their MightyFix subscription service, you’ll be mailed one surprise item each month, along with simple instructions for using it. Typical items include things like a glass water bottle, wool dryer balls, stainless steel drinking straws, or reusable produce bags.

The MightyFix costs just $11.00 per month, BUT you can get the first month for only $3.00 if you are a new customer! Your first item will be the large silicone Stasher bag (after that, what you get each month is a surprise!). To get this deal, click through this link to have the discount applied automatically to your shopping cart.

If you want to switch to a more natural lifestyle, the MightyFix makes it easy. And if you're tired of washing and reusing Ziplock bags, enjoy the safer, more durable alternative of Stasher bags!

Here are the basics of the MightyFix service and what makes it so awesome:

  • A subscription to MightyFix is $11/month and each month you receive an item valuing at least $11, and often more.
  • Shipping on your MightyFix is always free, but more than that, if you want to add other things to your order—detergent or dish soap or sunscreen—you can add those to your order and have all of those things ship for free, too.
  • MightyFix products are always products that would be useful in any household; not just for families with children.
  • You can be a subscriber for as long or short as makes sense for you; there’s no mandatory subscription period. The MightyFix is available to Canadians and Australians for a small shipping fee.

Note: If you’re already a MightyFix member, don’t forget that you can add Stasher bags to your next shipment to get free shipping! Here’s instructions if you need help.

If you want to switch to a more natural lifestyle, the MightyFix makes it easy. And if you’re tired of washing and reusing Ziplock bags, enjoy the safer, more durable alternative of these nifty silicone bags.


  1. Oh my goodness…I’ve never even heard of these! Great tip!
    It was was so nice meeting you at Haven. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog!

    1. Thank you, Angela! I love these silicone bags! I’m so glad we have more reusable options these days.

      It was wonderful to meet you at Haven…I’m hoping to go back!

    1. Yes, they are so handy! Many of my little toiletries already fit in the bigger size they currently offer, but I am hoping the bigger sizes come out soon, too!

  2. I bought some silicon bags recently and they are sort of stuck together……I can;t even get them to pull apart to be able to use them. Any clues for getting through this? Will heating them help? or chilling them?

    1. Sorry I didn’t reply to this sooner; I didn’t get online much during the holidays! But I would not heat the bags to get them apart. Do try sticking them in the freezer and then perhaps you can gently “break” them apart. Are they Stasher brand, or something else? If they’re Stashers, you could email MightyNest and ask for advice if the bags are still giving you trouble.

  3. I am already using those bags… But I find problem while opening and closing bag…. I think there is a sliding friction. I broke my 2 closing sticks… Then I started applying oil to smoothen the friction. Can you suggest any other method to prevent this friction…?? Because every time I have to apply oil and it so time consuming….

    1. I’m sorry, I haven’t experienced that issue so I don’t have a ready solution for you! When the bag is closed it’s a good seal, so to get it open I usually just pry a little open on one side, then slide my finger down the seal to open it all the way. You wouldn’t want to open it like a bag of chips, where you grab the two sides and pull in opposite directions…that would force it open and probably damage the bag pretty quickly.

  4. I find it helpful to know that silicone Stasher bags are an excellent alternative to zip-top bags because they’re more durable and eco-friendly. Ella, my girlfriend, is environmentally-conscious. She’s always looking for new ways to cut down her carbon footprint. I’ll share what you said with her so she could invest in reusable silicone bags soon. Thanks.

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