2024 Daily Homemaking Planner + Coupon Code

Want to bring organization to your life and homemaking routines in 2024? The Homemaker’s Friend daily planner is the resource you need!

Homemaker's Friend 2024 Daily Planner - coil bound half-size book with green, brown, and white color scheme

2024 Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner Review

My 2024 Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner came in the mail a few weeks ago, and all the lovely pages are calling to me!

I learned about the genius of planners from my mom. As a full-time homemaker and homeschooling mom of six, my mother had to have some tricks up her sleeve for staying organized, and her trusty planner was one of them. There wasn’t a single violin lesson, doctor’s appointment, or Latin class we went to that she didn’t have her planner in her purse, ready to pull out to check our schedule, make a new appointment, or plan our next beach meet-up with friends.

Naturally, this was in the days before smartphones. (Really, the most digital thing in our lives back then was the digital clock in the boys’ bedroom.) Nowadays there are so many apps for tracking our days and planning our schedules that having a physical, paper planner seems positively medieval.

But you know what? Sometimes old-fashioned is best. Even though most of my work-related hours are spent on my laptop, outside of that I am not tech-trendy, and value the analog approach instead. Physically writing things down is the first step towards remembering them, at least for me! And with a paper planner, I don’t have to worry about an app clogging phone storage, asking for endless password resets, or requiring clumsy typing with my thumbs.

I’ve been using the Homemaker’s Friend planner for several years, but Sue Hooley published the first version all the way back in 2010. The thoughtfully-created core features of the planner stay the same from year to year, but somehow Sue also manages to improve an already fantastic resource.

Updates from recent years include lamination on the tab dividers, fun cut-out coupons to give to friends and family, and a magnetic bookmark.

Take a look inside the 2024 daily homemaking planner to see all of the thoughtful details.

Coupon code! Use code RR300 to get $3.00 off your planner! Shop planners here.

Inside the 2024 Homemaker’s Friend Planner

First, here’s a view of a monthly spread. Notice the useful margin section, and the “month at a glance” for the previous and next months:

Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner monthly calendar view

Here’s a weekly spread, with space for weekly tasks and daily menu planning:

Daily planner interior pages - weekly spread

Here’s examples of some of the additional sections and features of the planner, including perforated tear-off shopping lists, gift ideas, ledger, and customizable coupons:

Daily planner shopping list pages
2024 Daily planner Tasks Lists title page
Daily Planner gift ideas and pantry staples pages
Daily planner ledger pages
Daily planner coupon pages

If you want a stylish, supremely practical way to track your schedule, shopping, and goals in the year ahead, the Homemaker’s Friend planner is exactly the tool you need. Sue also set up a coupon code just for Richly Rooted readers! Use code RR300 to get $3.00 off (good through 12/31/2023).

Have you ever used the Homemaker’s Friend planner? What are your favourite features?

Daily planner title page with magnetic bookmark


  1. I got this year’s planner and next year’s planner in a Bundle over the summer and wow! It’s truly perfect (for me.) I’ve used a LOT of planners over the years but this one is so consistently exactly what I need. I love the grocery lists, the weekly spread, the monthly spread, and all the extras for things like projects. It’s just been the best buy and I heard about them first from you, so I’m very thankful!!!

    Blessings on your newest addition to your family. <3

  2. Just ordered it for the first time and I’m kind of ridiculously excited over a planner. I love that it’s beautiful in a simple way and seems to have everything I need and no extra fluff.

    1. Excellent! I think you’re going to find it so handy this year! I’m enjoying adding things in to the pages for the year ahead(: I call it my homemaking command center!

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