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Fall Comfort Food Series - RichlyRooted.com

When the weather gets cold, I crave warm, comforting foods–childhood favorites and seasonal specialties that nourish body and soul. 

I’ll be adding delicious comfort foods to this page all season long! Here are the recipes I’ve shared so far:

Cheeseburger Skillet - RichlyRooted.comCheeseburger Skillet 

This hearty dish is a real food version of Hamburger Helper, and honestly, it’s just as easy to make as the boxed kind!

Deep Dish French Apple Pie with Salted Dark Caramel Sauce - RichlyRooted.com

Deep Dish French Apple Pie with Salted Dark Caramel Sauce

This deep dish French apple pie is baked in a cast iron skillet, topped with a buttery, spiced crumb topping, and finished with a generous drizzle of salted dark caramel sauce. 

Cheddar and Gouda Mac and Cheese with Bacon - RichlyRooted.com

Cheddar and Gouda Mac & Cheese with Bacon

Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food! I added smoky gouda and sharp cheddar to the sauce and seasoned it with dried mustard and paprika. A bacon topping finishes it off!

French onion soup seems like such an elegant dish--but it's so easy to make! Top it with thick, crusty bread and melted Swiss cheese for the perfect comfort food!

French Onion Soup

Simple, fragrant, with a light savory-sweet flavour, French Onion Soup is the perfect foil for a chilly autumn night. When you load it up with toasted bread and melted cheese, that’s just confirmation that it belongs in the comfort genre!

These savory breakfast biscuits are packed with sausage, cheddar cheese, and red peppers. SO tasty for a hearty breakfast or brunch!
Loaded Breakfast Biscuits

These savory breakfast biscuits satisfy the craving for hot bread in the morning, but fill the need for protein. They’re packed with sausage and cheddar cheese, and seasoned with bell peppers, chili powder, and sage.