Could your home use a little breathing room?

Your Simple Home Handbook is a step-by-step guide that will give you the breathing room you’ve been craving.

This 100-page eBook divides your home into 30 different project areas and then walks you through exactly how to declutter each one.

I wrote this book when I was living in a 600 square foot cabin with my husband and baby son. By that time my husband and I had already moved five times, sometimes to even smaller spaces (450 sq. ft was the smallest!), and we had learned a thing or two about decluttering along the way! Every move gave us more clarity on which possessions were important to take along–and what we could live without.

I saw a need in the decluttering niche for a book that was elegant and concise, but deep enough to actually help people create change in their homes. Too many decluttering books simply recycle the same generic advice or rely on staged, Instagram-worthy photos to make up for a lack of content! I wanted to create something more personal that was packed with practical advice and a doable game plan.

Your Simple Home Handbook will help you cut the clutter so you can nurture a beautiful, welcoming home that will be a haven for everyone under your roof!

Praise for Your Simple Home Handbook

I loved this step-by-step guide to simplifying your home! If you struggle with too much stuff, but feel powerless to know where to start or how to cut down on clutter, this book will give you the practical tools and inspiration you need!
Crystal Paine, founder of and New York Times bestselling author
I found this book to be easy to read, well-said, motivating and helpful. In fact, I’ve already done a few of the projects listed. But more than that, I’m understanding the value of a simple home more than ever. Thanks Elsie for this great resource!
Katie, founder of Embracing a Simpler Life
This isn’t your ordinary de-clutter book! It’s a handbook that walks you through a simple step-by-step process to de-clutter and organize 30 spaces in your home. I love the questions she asks to help guide your decision on what to keep and what to get rid of. They aren’t your typical ‘Have I used this in the past year?’ questions. They are meaningful and insightful and really help you decide what’s worth keeping. Callender even provides a section on what to do with all the items you are discarding (with tips on how to sell them through an online site). I love this handbook, and I can’t wait to start checking off the spaces on the checklist at the end of the book!
This is an exceptional read for anyone looking to live a simplified lifestyle. If you feel overwhelmed by clutter, but don’t know where to begin, this is a great place to start. I love how the author breaks down each area of your home and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to de-clutter. Then she takes it a step further and gives you practical tips and advice to keep it neat and tidy (and more beautiful!). I am such a fan of simple living, and I wish I had a resource like this years ago.

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Your Simple Home Handbook

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