Your Deep Spring Cleaning Game Plan (with Printable Checklist!)

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Your Deep Spring Cleaning Game Plan -

There is something supremely satisfying about a clean, well-ordered home. It’s peaceful; you can breathe better. Do you agree?

I admit, I wasn’t always crazy about housecleaning growing up. I had certain tricks to make the workday more palatable, though. I pretended that I was Snow White and that the rest of my family were the seven dwarves. Snow White cooked and cleaned and sang happily, so I did, too. Most of the time.

If making up stories in your head helps you get the job done, then go for it. Be Snow White.

It’s also helpful to establish a few preliminaries before you roll up your sleeves and get cleaning.

Before You Begin:

1. Make a list of what you want to accomplish.

Write down everything that needs to be done, and relish crossing off each task as you complete it. You can also print off the ready-made checklist at the end of this post.

2. Form an idea of what you’ll do for supper that night.

You don’t have to decide exactly, but plan on either going out to eat or getting takeout. You’ll be exhausted at the end of the day, so a special, easy meal is in order!

3. Plan to take a short break after lunch.

After a light lunch, take half an hour for a nap or to read a magazine or blogs.

4. Open the windows.

If spring has already come to your corner of the world, then throw those windows open wide and air out your home!

5. Put on music.

Snow White needs tunes.

6. Gather all the linens and start a load of laundry.

Collect the rugs, curtains, throws, shower curtain, duvet covers, etc. and put a load in the wash right away. Keep the laundry going throughout the day.

A note on this list:

Tasks are listed roughly in order from the top of the room down to the floor. I suggest working room by room, so that if you don’t finish the whole house in one day, at least you’ll have 1 or 2 complete rooms done. It’s easier to see the fruits of your labour that way!

A note on minions (aka children):

Use them if they’re old enough, but sweeten the deal. Make milkshakes with lunch, look forward to pizza that night. Let people take turns choosing the cleaning soundtrack. Enjoy a relaxing family evening after the house is clean. My parents were smart about that. They made us work hard, but we celebrated afterwards.

What tools do you need to get the job done? Check back for part 2 of this post: Build a Natural Spring Cleaning Arsenal.

Ready to begin? I think the kitchen is the hardest, so why not knock that out first?



1. Clean up any dirty dishes

2. Dust/wet wipe the ceiling fan, vents, and light fixtures

3. Wipe down the backsplash and walls

4. Wash the windows and windowsills

5. Wipe down cabinet doors, wipe down inside of cabinets

6. Empty out kitchen drawers; wipe/vacuum them out

7. Clean small appliances (microwave, toaster, tea kettle, stand mixer, etc.)

8. Clean the fridge interior; wipe down outside of fridge; vacuum coils

9. Clean the oven/stove top

10. Refold napkins/tablecloths

11. Empty the trash; take can outside and clean inside and out

12. Clean the kitchen sink

13. Sweep and mop the floor



1. Dust/wet wipe the ceiling fan, vents, and light fixtures

2. Sanitize the switch plates and door knobs

3. Clean the toilet (including wiping down the outside and scrubbing the bowl well)

4. Wipe down mirrors

5. Clean counter and sink

6. Scrub the tub

7. Wash the shower walls

8. Give the drains a treatment

9. Empty the trash; take can outside and clean inside and out

10. Sweep and mop the floor

living areas

Living Areas

1. Pick up toys, fold throws, put away loose items

2. Dust/wet wipe the ceiling fan, vents, and light fixtures

3. Wash the windows and windowsills

4. Sanitize light switches, keyboards, remotes

5. Refold the linen closet

6. Dust furniture (including picture frames and display items)

7. Vacuum couch and chairs

8. Vacuum corners along floors, and cobwebs along ceiling

9. Spot clean carpet or borrow/rent carpet cleaner



1. Fold and put away clothes and loose items

2. Dust/wet wipe the ceiling fan, vents, and light fixtures

3. Wash the windows and windowsills

4. Dust the furniture (including picture frames and display items)

5. Rotate mattresses

6. Vacuum floors

7. Vacuum corners along floors, and cobwebs along ceiling

Want all these steps on one pretty printable? Click the picture below:

Download a FREE printable checklist of cleaning tasks, organized by room.

A clean house is a great canvas for simplifying! Check out my book, Your Simple Home Handbook, for tips on cleaning out your wardrobe, bathroom counters, linen closet, and more! For more homemaking tips and tools, follow my Homemaking board on Pinterest!


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    The post is wonderful! So many useful ideas for making the housework more pleasant! I need to start taking more care of my home when it comes to cleaning. The problem is my job! I work as a cleaner ( and this makes cleaning at home really hard for me! I really appreciate the ideas and the cleaning checklists! I can use them both at home and at work! Thank you for sharing! :) Greets!

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